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What is Dental Emergency?

The most common Dental Emergencies are toothaches, broken teeth, and knocked out teeth. They all need immediate dental attention. Toothaches can result from dental cavities, fractured teeth, bite problems, gum problems, infections, or tooth impactions. An X-Ray is usually needed to help diagnosis the problem. Depending on the problem, antibiotics, bite adjustment, cleaning, filling, crown, root canal treatment, or extraction will be performed or prescribed to solve the problem. If a tooth is broken or knocked out with dirt, rinse the mouth with warm salt water for the dirt, use dental floss to dislodge trapped food or debris, and place a cold compress over the face in the injured area. Rinse the tooth in cold water, but be careful not to touch the root. Take the tooth to the dentist in a cup of cold water or milk.

Dental Emergency
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A broken tooth was repaired by the bonding at the same visit