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What is CEREC?

CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology. The 3D image of the affected teeth is captured by a special camera. The computer will create a virtual model from the image and a restoration to fit the teeth. The information is then sent to the milling unit, which mills out the restoration from a ceramic block in 12-40 minutes. The restoration is then hardened in a high temperature furnace for 12-25 minutes. Taken out, it is ready for placement into the mouth.

Advantage of CEREC

With CEREC technology, patients can receive a natural-looking metal-free crown, bridge, veneer, and implant supported abutment/crown in a single visit. There is no need for a temporary restoration. Dr. Zhu and Dr. Simms will design every precise detail of the restoration. The virtual model is much more accurate than a traditional model taken from an impression, and the 3D milling is more accurate than manually fabricating. These all lead restoration to fit the teeth much better. The high-quality ceramic product is very strong, durable, biocompatible to the gingiva, and fits the teeth extremely well.